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Here's a big batch of links I've added to my favorites via Twitter! I'm going to start adding these on a more regular basis, so the lists won't be as big...

Becca Pugilisi: Why Readers Stop Reading
Angela Ackerman: How to Show Characters' Hidden Emotions on the Page
Reading Rainbow: The Reader vs. The Explorer
Camp NaNoWriMo 2014: Revision Tips
Julie Musil: Boost Story Conflict By Exploring the Dark Side of Your Hero's Qualities
Angela Ackerman: Braving Your Second Draft
Clarissa Draper: 4 Things NOT To Do When Writing Mysteries (Mostly just funny. She's got a lot of great general How To Blog entries too.)
Janice Hardy: 10 Tips For Shooting Your Own Cover Photo
Angela Ackerman: How To Find Your Audience
Beth Barany: 7 Favorite Writing Guides
Shah Wharton: Creating Content For Your Author Website
Jenny Hansen: How To Pitch Your Self-Published Book
Harold Underdown: What A Publisher Does (Basic Rundown)
Marcy Kennedy: Grammar Tricks For Better Fiction
Derek Murphy: 100 Publishing Questions Answered (Free eBook!)
K.M. Weiland: Learn to Self-Edit Like Joss Whedon
E-Bookbuilders: 6 Reasons Why Authors Must Have A Website
Sarah Allen: 7 Mistakes That Make Your Writing Look Unprofessional
Jess Huckins: E-books, Personal Branding & Leadership
Joanna Penn: 9 Tips For Productivity

I didn't get through them all, but note to myself: I left off on September 25.

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