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Work is eating my life again, and on top of it all, when I do have a few free minutes there, for the last month or so, the data connection on my cell phone has been crap. So that means no picking at my character bios on Evernote, no encouraging writerly bonding on Twitter, and no checking in with my old RP friends on Plurk. ... Basically, I haven't had much online presence at all, and it's giving me a strange sort of cabin fever (ahh).

In the good news column, I DID manage to win July's session of Camp NaNoWriMo, and am actually thinking of participating again in November - gasp! I made a few really great writing friends there, and hopefully I can talk a few into joining my friend [personal profile] patchworked's new writing community. The more the merrier!

I want to say more and ramble about EVERYTHING, including dumping my feelings about a little state called Florida, and all the creative stuff I am trying to carve out the time to do, but ... work preparation calls. Sigh. Just trying to make myself get back in the habit of doing this again, and letting people know I'm still alive over here ...
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